Alaska votes to legalize Marijuana

Alaskans can finally light up legally now. Alaskans voted 52 percent in favor of Ballot Measure 2 on Tuesday making it a historic victory for Alaska residents.

Colorado and Washington pulled in an estimated 800 million in revenue so this should be a welcome jolt to Alaska’s economy and will create thousands of jobs and endless opportunity, not to mention the police can quit wasting time on those old silly marijuana laws and focus their energy on real crime. Prison lobby won’t like this.

Alaska joins Colorado, Washington, and Oregon as the first states that legalized recreational pot use. The initiative isn’t expected to be law until late November, 90 days after the election is certified. This initiative will allow a person over the age of 21 to possess up to 1 ounce and not exceeding 6 plants. Let me note that this is still illegal under federal law.

“Tuesday’s vote marked the third attempt to legalize recreational marijuana in Alaska, following unsuccessful measures in 2000 and 2004. The state’s voters legalized medical marijuana in 1998. Despite a number of states loosening marijuana laws, the plant remains banned by the federal government, which classifies it as a Schedule I substance along with heroin and LSD.”

-Huffington post

Decriminalization of marijuana

Production and sales are to be regulated by state commission. 90 days after the election is certified the state will then have 18 months to implement regulations.

In related news the legalization effort in Florida failed on Tuesday, which was supposed to be a slam dunk. It was narrow defeat with 50 percent in favor of the law but it needed 60 to pass.

Guam also legalized medical marijuana use.